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General Features

Feature Pro Enh Std Com
.NET Component, Java JNI, ActiveX, PHP, Python, Ruby, Delphi / C++ Builder VCL, DLL / Shared Object
yes yes yes yes
Unlimited number of pages
per document and unlimited number of open documents at the same time - limited only by available memory.
yes yes yes yes
VPE is able to swap all pages of a document to a file - with nearly no loss of performance. Thererfore even the creation of documents with 10,000 or 100,000 pages and more is no problem.
yes yes yes yes
Dynamic Layout
The dimensions of image- and text objects (regarding the current font settings) can be computed in advance.
yes yes yes yes
Virtual Processing
While generating a document, you may move at any time to any page to insert new objects.
yes yes yes yes
e-Mail Properties [Windows only]
For sending e-mails, you may specify in advance by code optional receiver(s), CC's, BCC's, title, text and any attachments. e-mails can be sent without showing a preview.
yes yes yes no
Extended MAPI Support [Windows only]
For sending e-mails, Extended MAPI provides better support for MS Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc. If the default mail client does not support Extended MAPI (like Thunderbird), VPE does detect this and uses Simple MAPI automatically.
yes yes yes no

bullet Customer's Responses

"Your product is amazing! Keep up the good work."

Daniel Kaminski, OnLine LIMS, Callander, Ontario, Canada