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Features Printing [Windows only]

Feature Pro Enh Std Com
Printer-Independent Exact Positioning
Considers the unprintable margins of each output device. Therefore all objects are positioned on any printer exactly at the given position. This is IDEAL for printing or filling in forms and labels.
yes yes yes yes
Print Documents Without Showing a Preview
Print-Jobs can be started by code, no user interaction is required.
yes yes yes no
Controlling the Printer-Setup Dialog
The printer-setup dialog can be shown at any time, and it can be displayed separately from starting print-jobs.
yes yes yes no
Intelligent Printer-Setup
Manages an unlimited number of user-defined printer setups for different document-types and printers in a network: setups can be stored to file including all driver data - this allows to activate by code any printer setup option the printer offers (for example output paper bins, which aren't supported by Windows directly).
yes yes yes no
Supressing the Print-Progress Dialog
Especially meaningful for applications on servers or in batch-mode.
yes yes yes no
Methods and properties to query and set special settings of available printers (e.g. number of copies, sort copies, print only even / odd pages, duplex printing, enumerate available paper bins, etc.)
yes yes yes no
Individual Page Settings
The input paper bin, page format, paper size and orientation (portrait oder landscape) can be set separately for each page.
yes yes yes no
The printout can be scaled freely by a factor between 0.01 and 6.0
yes no no no

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"I've worked with Visual Basic for many years, and have seen many add-on products from many third-party companies. Let me tell you that VPE is one of the very very best and most useful products I have ever seen."

Mike Folden, Programmer Analyst, MGM GmbH, Grünstadt, Germany