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Features Graphical Objects

Feature Pro Enh Std Com
Supports Lines, Polylines, Polygons, Frames, Boxes, Circles, Ellipses, Pies, Text, True-Color yes yes yes yes
Automatic word-break yes yes yes yes
Optional automatic page-break yes yes yes yes
Hatching for backgrounds yes yes yes no
Gradients for backgrounds yes yes yes no
Rounded corners for frames, boxes and text yes yes yes no
Rotation of text in 90 degree steps yes yes yes no
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Rendering of RTF text and import of RTF files.
VPE supports a subset of RTF.
Please click here for the detailed VPE RTF specification
yes no no no
Built-In Charts
VPE has a built-in charting library, which generates all basic types of charts.
Please click here for an overview
yes no no no
UDO - User Defined Objects [Windows only]
Access to VPE's Device Context. This allows to print and preview any kind of drawing or object - including OLE/COM objects.
yes no no no
Clickable Objects [Windows only]
Objects can be made clickable by assigning them a unique Object ID. If the user clicks onto such an object, your application receives an event containing the Object ID. Then you could for example open a separate dialog, showing more detailed information about the clicked text or image.
yes no no no
Visibility of Objects
Objects can be assigned a status, whether they are:
  • Shown in the Preview
  • Printed
  • Stored in files
yes no no no
Character Placement
You can specify a fixed offset from one character to another for text objects. This is for filling in forms that have pre-printed columns for each letter.
yes no no no

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"It is a great piece of software."

Jan Clausen, It-Support, Klokkerholm Karosseridele A/S, Hjallerup, Netherlands