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Feature Pro Enh Std Com
VPE Document File Format Im- and Export
This is the native file format of VPE. Documents can be shown and printed using the Freeware VpeView. In addition such documents can be edited using the visual designer dycodoc.
yes yes yes yes
PDF Export
For details please see PDF Library
yes yes yes yes
Compression for native VPE Document Files yes yes yes no
Rich Text Format (RTF) Import
Rendering of RTF text and import of RTF files.
VPE supports a subset of RTF.
Please click here for the detailed VPE RTF specification
yes no no no
XML Im- and Export yes no no no
HTML Export yes no no no
ODT (OpenDocument Text) Export yes no no no
Image Export [Windows only]
Exports single pages of a document or parts of a page as:
  • BMP
  • WMF
  • EMF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
For all bitmap formats the color depth and resolution may be specified. In addition images can be dithered.
yes no no no

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"I was concerned about buying from a European company, because of possible language problems and/or lack of support. Your quick email responses have laid that concern to rest. Feel free to use Monarch Bay as a US reference."

Ron Phillips, Monarch Bay Software, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA