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Features GUI [Windows only]

Feature Pro Enh Std Com
Optional, you may generate documents without showing a preview.
yes yes yes yes
While your application is creating a document, you may already show the preview and users can browse through it.
yes yes yes yes
11 pre-defined languages - the GUI selects automatically the right language, depending on the country settings in the control panel. Supported languages are: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese. Optionally a language may be selected by code.
yes yes yes yes
Centimeters or Inch
The units for the rulers of the preview may be switched between cm und inch. In addition the internal coordinate system can be switched between both unit systems.
yes yes yes yes
Freely defineable Text-Elements
You may define all text of the GUI elements by code, so you can use any language.
yes yes yes no
Modifyable GUI
All buttons and button-groups, as wekk as the whole toolbar, the statusbar and the rulers can be made visible / invisible.
yes yes yes no
Additional "Open" and "Save" buttons in the toolbar
VPE and XML documente may be opened by the user, and the user may export documents into all supported file formats (VPE, XML, PDF, HTML, ODT).
yes yes yes no
Embedding of the Preview into your own Windows (also for MDI)
VPE can create and manage the Preview window itself, or you can embedd it into the windows of your applications - this will also work for MDI applications.
yes yes yes no
By pressing F1 or clicking onto the help-button an optional event is sent.
yes yes yes no

bullet Customer's Responses

"I must say that it [VPE] was the easiest to implement of any toolkit I have ever purchased. In addition, everything that I have used actually works. It is amazing to me how many toolkits out there don't do what they are supposed to do and probably never will."

Larry Stefan, Data Functions, Texas City, Texas, USA