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Creation of PDF
The built-in PDF Library offers the unrestricted 1:1 export of VPE documents to PDF. Depending on the edition objects like Rich Text (RTF), Charts, Barcodes, Gradients, etc. are exported as true vector graphics to PDF.
yes yes yes yes
Compression of PDF Documents
PDF Documents are stored in compressed format, using the ZIP algorithm of ZLIB.
yes yes yes no
Embedding of True-Type Fonts
Optionally True-Type fonts may be automatically embedded into PDF documents.
yes yes yes no
Support for PDF/A
PDF documents can be created in the PDF/A format for digital preservation, according to ISO 19005-1:2005, PDF/A-1b.
yes no no no
True-Type Font Subsetting
Embedded True-Type fonts are re-created, so that fonts do only contain the characters which are used within the document. This results in smaller PDF files.
yes no no no
Font Substitution
Supports the optional usage of PostScript fonts by Font Substitution, e.g. the font 'Arial' can be used in VPE for the preview and for printing, but the PDF document will be created using the PostScript font 'Helvetica' instead.
yes no no no
with a variable key length between 40 and 128-bit.
yes no no no
Selective protection of documents and password protection
(e.g. protect a document against printing, copy & paste, modifications, etc.)
yes no no no
Creation of Linearized PDF ("Fast Web View")
An enhanced PDF file format especially for the Internet. It allows to view any given page on a client site as fast as possible without downloading the whole document from a server.
yes no no no
Creation of Bookmarks
Bookmarks are displayed in the left tree-view of Acrobat Reader. They serve as a "visual table of contents" and allow the quick navigation through the document.
yes no no no

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